2017 New Idea Search: #1 Active Orientation

At this time each December, I feel the pull of the new year and the promise of new. I gravitate to posts and conversations that give me ideas for something different next year. You know like a new member benefit, a
new tool or a new way to thinking.

Unlike the past years, I’m going to capture what I find … right here so I can try them and ponder anew.

Idea #1: Active Orientation. You have to read this! Virginia Department of Transportation led a walk-through of a
new traffic interchange to prepare drivers in anticipate of the opening of the diverging diamond interchange at a major intersection. The project manager Christiana Briganti-Dunn holding a cardboard steering wheel literally walked them through the interchange thanks to an unusual graphic that stretched across the length of the school cafeteria floor. Attendees were invited to do their own walk with yes cardboard steering wheel in hand. I can see the navigation of our new
membership portal sketched out on the floor now! Read more on Drivers get a walk-through on an unusual interchange design.