2017 New Idea Search: #2 Member Year in Review

When the email arrived, I was curious. How did my year size up? Well, if the email had come from ASAE, it would have definitely looked way fuller! So naturally I thought, this would have been cool if my association had done this – an idea! Not only could the association remind me of all the things I did with them, but, as Marriott did, it could help plan my engagement for the coming year.

Dissecting this email … they started by highlighting that I’ve come a long way and showing the points I’ve earned, the places I’ve been and more. Yep, they are valuable to me.

Next, they highlighted a cool benefit that simplified something I have to do and provided a link for me to jump in and use it. Hmmm, saving me time, nice.

They followed up with a mention that there are new benefits that I might have missed and provided the link to explore more. Sparking my interest.

They of course included a special offer – act now and blah, blah.

I don’t necessarily think the final item is necessary and frankly unless its free, don’t blatantly sell me in this thank you email. I’d use this as an opportunity to engage.

 – As I search out new ideas for 2017, I’ll share em here … check out Idea #1: Active Orientation