2022 Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Report

A Look At What’s Changing for Chapters

While we all felt the rumblings in chapters before 2020, the past 22 months have been an exercise in jumping over deepening cracks in the system. We saw chapters go dormant and we saw others burst with activity and new faces. Disruption has opened a door for us to explore new options for chapters and chapter programs.

In response to this continuous change, Billhighway and Mariner expanded our traditional survey by adding focus groups, interviews, and two new surveys—all with the aim of exploring key questions and topics, such as:

  • How are chapters navigating the new normal?
  • What’s important to chapter leaders?
  • What’s important to association CEOs?
  • Are associations changing how they manage and relate to their chapters?
  • What support and services should we give our chapters?
  • How should we evaluate our chapters?
  • Are chapters still relevant?
  • How aligned are we to the standard practices for chapter membership, programming, requirements, and metrics?


We gathered this data on chapter programs to serve as a resource for benchmarking, sharing innovations in chapter management, and starting conversations about the future of chapters.

This report incorporates data analysis from three surveys directed to CEOs, CRPs (or association staff overseeing chapter operations), and chapter leaders, along with findings from CEO roundtables and focus groups—all complemented by insights gained over several decades of managing and consulting with hundreds of associations.

Download the 2022 Association Chapter Benchmarking Report

*The report was introduced in January during a 3-part workshop – read a quick recap and view links to each day at The Big Reveal … 2022 Chapter Benchmarking Report

*This report was a collaborative effort between Billhighway and Mariner Management.