An Exciting Role for Chapters: Ambassadors

We are all familiar with branding guidelines that tell you how to properly use logos, typeface and colors, messaging, etc. in the name of creating consistency and familiarity throughout the organization. But what about your verbal brand? The message that your members carry around with them on a day-to-day basis. We all know not everyone is spreading the same message.

We also know your chapters can be part of the reason for a scattered message. At the end of the day, mixed messages are just bad for chapters and national.

Here’s where the Ambassador program comes in. A well-created ambassador program adds consistency to your messaging. That can create opportunities for your chapters too. Added bonus – the ambassador program offers short-term, ad hoc volunteering roles – translate: cool engagement opportunities.

We invited Sheri Singer, president of Singer Communications, to give us tips on how associations can build an ambassador program tapping chapters and how chapters can use this in their organizations.

Listen the full webinar here. And see below for some tidbits we picked up along the way.

  • An ambassador program facilitates consistent messaging not just within the organization but externally as well. It gives chapter ambassadors the guidance to speak with one voice.
  • Your Chapter ambassadors are your members, leaders, volunteers, staff…anyone who is spreading your message around on a day-to-day basis. A well-developed program makes sure they are all on the same page. Tip: Be sure to use your ambassadors in the right roles i.e., some people are writers, some are speakers, and some are great 1:1 networkers.
  • Chapter Members benefit by learning new skills that can help them in their professional and volunteer lives. Micro-volunteering opportunities can help members hone their writing, interviewing, speaking, leadership, and career skills. This in turn increases the value of membership, which encourages greater engagement and retention.
  • Chapters and HQ by extension can expand their spokesperson list (as Sheri says … speaker’s bureau on steroids) providing a wider reach within the community. It may uncover rising stars within the chapter that could be future leaders. And most importantly, it helps guide the members in telling both the chapter’s and their own stories.
  • A Comprehensive Ambassador Toolkit will bring success. Easy access to training and resources will ensure chapter ambassadors are successful in their endeavors. For a guide on how to begin, download Ambassador Program Outline and Ambassador Program Toolkit Elements (compliments of Sheri Singer). Better yet, listen to the full webinar here.

*Featured Image by Abbie Fyre from Pixabay