Launching Your Association’s Chapter Ambassador Program

Ramp Up Member Engagement

If you asked chapter boards, leaders, members, and staff, to describe your association, chances are you would get a multitude of responses. Each time your stakeholders describe your association with a different voice, it muddies your brand. But there’s a way to ensure that your association spokespersons are conveying your brand — launch a Chapter Ambassador Program.

Branded with your association’s name, a Chapter Ambassador Program benefits both your association, chapters, and members. On the association side, the program creates greater awareness of your organization, ensures a consistent brand, and helps identify new leaders. For members, serving as an Ambassador enhances their leadership and career skills, thereby making participation a member benefit.

Join Sheri Singer, president, Singer Communications, to discuss the benefits of a Chapter Ambassador Program, how to recruit Ambassador members, the steps needed to launch the program, how to leverage this as a member benefit, and the overall value proposition.

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