Buzz2010 Inside Wisdom on Chapter Relations

I couldn’t attend the second installment of Buzz  2010 this past Tuesday (enjoying vacation) but was delighted to see the twitter stream and the recaps from a number of great sources including Jamie Notter’s Polices are good. Relationships are better. And the kernel I picked up from Jamie is really wisdom from Wendy Harman at the American Red Cross: if one of her chapters isn’t in compliance, instead of a cease and desist letter, she reaches out to the chapter and asks how she can help. She is investing in the future (building relationships) while working through a troubling situation today.

How many times in our day do we stop to remind chapters what they haven’t done or have done wrong vs asked them how we can help?

As Jamie noted so perfectly: “Asking for help will contribute to building a relationship. Telling someone to stop doing something or you’ll call a lawyer damages relationships.”

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