Can you hear me now?

I attended a session at last week’s Mid-Atlantic Marketing Seminar in Baltimore on reaching the media in a digital/mobile world. The main message was that while the media may be more accessible, it is also harder to get their attention. After all, there is so much information coming in from so many directions that our heads are spinning. Who doesn’t scan their emails or social media accounts looking for what matters most while barely looking at much of what comes in?

It’s easy to see how this can relate to associations. Sure, members are more accessible via bulk email and social media outlets, but with so much information overload, how does an association really get its members’ attention?

One interesting example that the panel did share was the story of the white box campaign. This particular PR agency sent a box with client samples to those journalists that they were most interested in gaining attention. They then followed with a phone call or email. It worked in most cases. The box got the journalists’ attention, which resulted in the desired media coverage. It worked because it rose above the din. It worked because it was tangible.

So here’s the question of the day … How can your association rise above the din? And what tangible elements can you offer your members that will get you that desired attention.