The Next Gen Wants in the Door

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with a group of great “early career” PTs. This was the face-to-face meeting following a nearly 6-month exploration of what it means to be an association for all generations.
The conversation was more than cool. The recommendations are wide-ranging and still being shaped. What sticks with me though is the confirmation that our associations will be well-cared for and nurtured – and yes, changed – by our
newest professionals.

While their words were a little different, and they were much more frustrated by the limitations imposed in the traditional systems and structures, they wanted very much to help “update” the association. Remember the Tareyton
smokers who would rather “fight than switch” iconic commercial
– yep they will “fight” for their profession and to the degree that the association engages them, they will fight for the association. In their words…

Need a landing place – a safe zone and a bridge

We want to be agents of innovation – agents of change – so we can improves lives [insert your mission]

We’re ready now to act

We want to give to the association, to be part, to be recognized

See, there’s a future for associations – and it’s in the eyes, hearts and the minds of our newest professionals … let’s meet them at the door!