Chapter Events: Deciding on In-Person, Hybrid, or Virtual

That question is an ongoing conversation between associations and their chapters that is often complicated by differing state restrictions and the comfort levels of members regarding in-person events, leaving associations with no clear answers. To go fully in-person could alienate those that still feel uncomfortable while staying fully virtual risks further diminishing those vital personal connections that only face-to-face encounters can provide. And a hybrid event presents a whole new level of challenges.

So what’s an association to do?

In our March 23 webinar, we explored the possibilities for 2021 (and maybe beyond!) looking at important factors to consider when deciding on how to conduct future events. Should chapters plan on in-person events and meetings this year? Can chapters provide a safe experience and will members be ready? Is a hybrid model a viable option?

Listen in above and read recap here.

Part of our ongoing series with Billhighway.