Drive Chapter Behavior with Targeted Benchmarking

Benchmarking (count and compare) can serve many purposes, but the most important purpose is to define what’s most important! Everyone’s likely heard some variation on the business maxim, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” but the corollary consequence, “you tend to manage what’s being measured” is often overlooked. Bottom line, if we want our chapters to help us serve the members and move the mission, we need to benchmark those behaviors that help us achieve that end. In other words, let’s count the things that count…and, oh, by the way, all the things that count can’t necessarily be counted!

Benchmarking also implies comparison, and here’s the other important purpose. When we measure and make comparisons on those metrics which are truly important, we can then identify our “bright spots” – the high achievers – and replicate those behaviors across the system. Win-win!!

On the May 26 webinar, we talk about what we’re benchmarking (or not) and why. While there’s no guarantee, experience suggests that “if you measure it, they will do it,” so let’s be sure we measure the right stuff. Read the story of one association that hasn’t quite gotten the message.

Part of our ongoing series with Billhighway.