Chapters: Are They Worth The Effort?

We’ve traveled around the country this year, working with component (the catch-all phrase for all chapter models) volunteers and our resounding answer is: They can.

Doesn’t sound overly optimistic you say? Well, the fuzziness comes from two directions. One, associations who don’t invest properly and so get mixed results. Two, aging chapter models that miss the point.

What we can say with assurance, is that chapters are fertile ground for member engagement.

If you think your association may fit one or both of the descriptions above, here are two resources for you:

1) The Chapter ROI Tool – read about the tool here and view the Chapters: Are they worth it? webinar where we explore with Patrick Algyer of GBTA how the tool helps you make better decision.

2) The Evolution of the Chapter – we collect stories and trends around innovation in chapter models and we’ve collected a few in this report which you can download here.

Do you have a new model or a way of calculating your chapter ROI? Tell us!

Photo Credit: Billhighway