Turn Chapters into Social Media Influencers

No one knows the value of your association like chapter and component members do. Give them a platform (or two) to share your organization’s story on social media. And in doing so create a win-win with chapter leaders!

Association components can be powerful influencers for the organization. Whether organized by geography or by issue, interest, or discipline, components have fans, followers, and the ear of members. Enter influencer marketing.

Three associations show us how to ramp up collaborative marketing. The pay-off for associations is the ability to leverage chapters and build strong relationships.

— When the American Society of Landscape Architects invited each of its 49 chapters to take over ASLA’s Instagram account for a day, they weren’t entirely sure what would happen. The results exceeded their expectations, generating a bounty of fresh content. The experiment grew ASLA’s Instagram followers by about 10 percent. It also connected the association with its target market—younger and emerging professionals and college students. Just as important, it gave ASLA the opportunity to engage chapters that hadn’t been very involved with the national organization.

— When the American Nurses Association expanded a pilot social media campaign, #FitNurseFriday5k campaign, to engage their local components, their success grew. Adding the state associations to the campaign nearly tripled participation.

Institute of Management Accountants reached and educated millennials on the benefits of earning the Certified Management Accountant credential by leveraging members from councils, chapters, and accounting academies through a social media-based video contest called “You’ve Got to Earn It!” The campaign added 500,000 people to IMA’s Facebook community.

Read the full article and ask yourself, how can we leverage our chapters/components to build our association.