Decision to Volunteer Prompts Questions

A group of association executives gathered for our monthly networking luncheon in suburban Maryland to talk about the Decision To Volunteer study by ASAE & The Center (read my earlier post).

A small group gathered at an ASAE & The Center Idea Swap yesterday as well. In fact there are lots of groups gathering to scratch their heads over the research. It’s so new that few have fully digested and for those (like the 23 sponsoring associations) who have attempted we’re not sure really how to use.

The reality is that right now it’s more about the questions. Here are few our group started to explore … your thoughts??

  • If members want more ad hoc positions, how do create those – particularly from what we have now?
  • And how do fit them into our overall program when we’re focused on long-term volunteer?
  • As we draw in more ad hoc volunteers, how do recreate our training and orientation programs that are based on long-term volunteers?
  • Are programs that are open to all members (check out Associapedia’s entry on volunteer program) a solution? What can we learn from those?
  • If the younger gen “gets” volunteering, how can we get them to “get” volunteering for us?
  • How can we build a volunteer management system that doesn’t suck resources?

PS – the association group ANEX meets monthly – drop me a line for an invite!