Experimenting in 2017 Association-Style

Don’t you love experiments? Don’t you really love when someone else is in charge and gives you a front row seat to both participate and learn? It seems that 2017 might be ASAE‘s year for playing that role.

Exhibit 1: XDP – the Xperience Design Project is in the words of ASAE “Think of it as an events hackathon for the association
industry.” What they did was a major reboot of Springtime meetings showplace. What was incredibly cool – and how I really heard of it – is that they did a pilot. That’s right, they invited a group of members to test the format which thanks to a robust Twitter feed #myXDP (follow @XDPbyasae) and KiKi L’Italien Live Feed, the full industry could take a peak.

Exhibit 2: #GreatIdeas17. The Great Ideas agenda offers an array of new learning formats that let you choose from peer learning, in-depth exploration, hands-on training, ideation to execution, and knowledge from outside the
association space. (I’m totally excited to be co-leading a Monday master class on embracing mutually beneficial volunteering.)

Formats include new ones (twists on old) like

  • Brain Date: Matchmaker facilitated one-on-one appointments to offer or share knowledge about anything.
  • Learn: 45-minute case studies and panels
  • Inform: 30-minute quick and informative essentials of a broad topic designed to provide core knowledge
  • Create: 90-minute session on real-time creation of tools, systems and strategies.
  • Ideate: 90-minute session featuring idea generation to uncover unconventional solutions.
  • Masterclass: 2.5 to 3 hour intensive learning focused on in-depth development of skills and abilities
  • Learning Escapes: teams of 4-8 are given 45 minutes to work together to discover
    hidden objects, gather clues, and solve challenges and “break out” of
    the classroom before time is up

Exhibit 3: Personalizing my ASAE Experience. If you’re an ASAE Member (if not, let’s talk!), have you visited your online profile lately? You should! When you do, you can personalize your ASAE experience by selecting association management topics that interest you most and the level of content you prefer (introductory, applied, or strategic) on those topics. Then, when you visit the ASAE homepage or open your Associations Now Plus newsletter, you’ll find content that matches your preferences. What’s cool, if your interests change (and lord knows they do), just update them at any time.

What are you experimenting with in 2017?