Five Minutes – Five Ways to Spread the Word

I just ran across a posting – a challenge sort of – on Acronym where Lisa Junker, one of the bloggers behind Acronym asked us to take 5 minutes to spread the word about our association. She was prompted by a very cool conversation with Andy Sernovitz of GasPedal who’s a word-of-mouth expert (and three-time association CEO) in which he offered up a few idea starters.

It all started with the Lindy Dreyer’s feature in January issue of Associations Now “Get your members talking! Word-of-mouth expert Andy Sernovitz tells you how.” Catch more of Andy’s WOM insights in his book Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking. The idea goes that in a down economy, word of mouth can make all the difference.

I loved the five ideas Andy gave, particularly the one about building an after-event buzz. One chapter we manage, International Special Events Society Greater DC Chapter (ISES DC) always posts pictures and frequently podcasts following their events. You can find all of these right on the event page making it easy to find and share. The photo gallery is one of the most popular areas on their website.

If a chapter doesn’t have this capability on their website, both Facebook and Flickr offer great alternatives. Here’s an example of PRSA Maryland’s new Flickr account and one of ASAE Flickr pools. Flickr is great because in part because it allows people to share their own with the group. heck these out.

Facebook allows you bring the photos, videos and discussions together like PRSA Silicon Valley and Komen Maryland.

I’d like to add 5 more 5-minute ideas:

1. Use the “Share on Facebook” quick tool to post a link to your latest e-letter or news clipping about your association.
2. Update your LinkedIn “what I’m doing” to showcase projects or news about your association.
3. Give your volunteers 2-sided business cards: 1-side is their “association” profile and the other their professional info. Or just give them an association business card.
4. Post a question on LinkedIn’s Answers – get exposure for your association and as a bonus feedback on an issue or challenge.
5. Post your event on LinkedIn’s calendar and then share with people in your network.

Need more ideas on WOM? Check SocialFish’s Word of Mouth bibliography.

Could you find five minutes in your schedule to try one of these ideas out today?