Helping Chapters Embrace Change

We all know that at some point, we need our chapters to change. And whether that change is small or large, we will experience some resistance from chapter leaders. So, what is an association to do?

We know resistance to change is natural. Anytime you introduce a new process or technology, you have to think about change management from the very start. Here at Mariner, we want you think even earlier by building your chapters’ “change readiness quotient.” What is this? It’s the degree to which your chapter leaders are open to change in general. And one sure fire way to build that is tapping into your regular leadership training where you teach your leaders to seek new solutions and new ways of approaching their role.  You can also support leaders in developing strategic thinking.

In our June 16 Idea Swap, we explored how we can use our current and future leadership training opportunities to help chapters embrace change. Read a quick recap here!

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