Lake-side thoughts: Are You A Duct-Tape Kinda Person?

Day 8 … No decent phone service, super slow internet, a fridge with an incessant leak and broken shelf, tired appliances, overused, scarred pans, and now no water.  Okay I can deal with the first two because they are conditions of being in a mountain area with limited internet and cell service. The others though are unnecessary troubles that are the product of the “fix it when breaks” philosophy vs. the “proactive maintenance & replacement” one.

The first philosophy invests in duct tape, the second in efficiency. The first uses at item until it dies without regard to the inconvenience caused. The second looks at the ROI on multiple levels and so is more likely to figure that the value of the last bit of life is of less value than the efficiency savings and the planned replacement of a new appliance.

The water is back on as the problem got the “duct tape” treatment. It will may last the rest of our time here but it may not. Guess I just prefer the proactive philosophy (and why I think it should be succession management not succession planning).