Members Say Chapters Important in 2009

Here are snippets from dozen of conversations I’ve been having with chapter leaders and members scattered across the country. They represent four different associations, but see the common threads?

“[Our] burning issue for 2009: helping members stay employed, get employed and stay in business. It’s everybody’s careers!”

“Participate in national all the time but 1st year I won’t be going [to national convention] because of the economy so looking at the chapter as potential for me and fellow employees to get the education.”

“Any or all of our careers could be on the line and the chapter’s role is to help members stay employed, get employed and stay in business. We’re the ones who can do this.”

“The Chapter is addressing our needs like national but doing so from a regional standpoint […] so really addressing specific needs based on locality.”

“I don’t get involved very much on either [the national or local] side, but in these economic times we’ll be looking for support more than anything else and we’ll look to the chapter in particular for this.”

“I’ll [stay involved] because of the ability to network with other managers in the area. If nothing else, it’s the psychological advantage of knowing we’re not in it alone.”

Local chapters are more important now than ever – what’s your strategy?