My Association Cares

This afternoon my association sent me an email with the subject line “Economic Resources Update – 2.27.09 – Will Your Members Stay?, 7 Strategies for a Recession.” It caught my eye. It offered a new service for me as a valued member. The new service is free. It’s easy to access. It offers a variety of channels from the blog to white papers to video clips.

This is what all our associations should be doing. Reaching out to offer us information, guidance, access to other members and a hopeful note.

If you are a member of ASAE & The Center, you can log onto their economy resource online and peruse the options. Whether you’re a member or not, you can also read Scott Briscoe’s posting on Acronym for some suggestions on what associations can do.

You can also take a look at these association’s responses:

Helping Members …

Helping the public our member’s serve …

  • National Association of Realtors launched Real Estate Today, a national radio show to cover the spectrum of the benefits and challenges of homeownership, offering listeners a go-to spot for information about their home, from expert advice on buying and selling to remodeling and landscaping to the state of the current market and home financing issues
  • The Alliance for Investor Education (AIE) outlined 12 of the best Web-based resources for investors to educate themselves about investment fraud, particularly Ponzi schemes.

I love the phrase Glenn Tecker used in this ASAE podcast: Be a source of stability for members.

How are you doing just that?