Volunteer Tricks & Treats

Halloween can happen any day of the year for some volunteers and for a few it maybe be like living through Ground Hog Day.
Oh the tricks we play on volunteers … let’s shift to treating!

Tricks Reported!

  • Zombie Committee – endless meetings with no outcomes because well there really isn’t a job to do but the committee is important
  • Jekyll & Hyde – the bait and switch that happens when you think a job is one thing and turns out its another (and not in a good way)
  • Headless rider – a committee or team without an effective leader so we’re inefficient and frustrating (you know the story)
  • Ghost – raised my hand to volunteer but nobody sees me
  • Witch – the staff person or the other volunteer team member who’s, you know, witchy

We Could Hand Out!

  • Pick-your-Costume – a chance to play a different role … a volunteer program that helps members match their skills, competencies (and dreams) to a volunteer pathway with defined positions that have clearly defined skills, competencies and knowledge requirements 
  • Miniature candy treats – micro-volunteering opportunities so I can have a bite and savor it until I take another
  • Party Store – Accessible, user-friendly, volunteer resource portal … you know training, info and tools when I need them with a great search engine
  • Candle – An orientation that lights the way in the dark and focuses not on the rules but the inside scoop
  • Great Pumpkin finally arrives! With magic to make the experience fulfilling, exciting and an adventure to remember (and re-tell)

Download the Mission Driven Whitepaper for more tricks and treats related to volunteering or join @ewengel and me on November 4 for the Wild Apricot free Mission-Driven Volunteering webinar. Register here: ow.ly/Cnk6i.