Volunteers Give … and keep on giving

I’ve spent lots of time this week with many different groups of volunteers and close the week with a sense of contentment. It’s been brought on by …

  • A group who’ve posted some amazingly insightful comments on the Facebook Group where we’re collaborating during a year-long leadership program I’ve facilitating. Here’s one example:
    “…an overall thought that keeps popping up in my little mind: we need to accept the diversity of our community, and communicate appropriately with them in order to reach our goals.”
  • A group who got jazzed about reinventing their annual chapter conference and are actually trying some cool things (check back in late June!).
  • A volunteer who ran with an idea that is now a vibrant young professional program for their chapter. Her motto: let’s see where we can go.
  • A group of citizens who are honoring their friends — and all who serve the country — by “planting” 1,000 3- by 5-foot American flags dedicated to veterans or present members of the military on the 5-acre field at Charlestown Community, an Erickson Living senior community in Catonsville, MD.

Thank you volunteers!


photo credit: Erickson Living, Charlestown Community