Yes, We Can Engage Members in Tough Times

Ever noticed how when the going gets tough, we begin to expect more problems? Like in associations who are predicting that we’ll see softer renewals, fewer registrants and less volunteers around the table? (As an aside, read ASAE & The Center’s new research for some comfort.)

With this conversation playing all around, it was a delight to stumble upon Ken Thomas’s posting on Six Ways to Engage People in Tough Times. I’d recommend association’s read Ken for two reasons:

First, read to embrace his assumption that you can engage people – regardless of the times. We just need to change our conversation. I was speaking with attendees at an association gathering this week and someone challenged my optimistic viewpoint to which I explained the old adage that if you go on the field saying you hope the team won’t lose, there’s little chance of winning. Heading out with the idea of we’re going to win so let’s play, ups the chances.

Second, read for the back to basics reminders like its what people are getting right now that motivates them right now. So, pay attention to the day-to-day rewards. This happens to be Ken’s first tip; you’ll have to check out the posting for the other five.

Which speaks to you the most?