Board members, what’s on your 2016 NY’s resolutions list?

As you ponder your 2016 resolution list on how to be a more
effective board member, think about some of the ways you can personally improve your chapter’s member
and volunteer engagement.

Not sure where to start? Here are a couple of things I’d like you to put on your list.

  • Make an effort to call and welcome new members.
    That means via phone, not email. Even if you get a voice mail, at least the
    member knows you took the time to make that call. Go ahead and follow-up with an email. (It’s worked for me when I really needed to get someone’s attention.)
  • Likewise, pick up the phone and call potential volunteers. A
    personal phone call is more effective then a quickly written email, which can be easily get lost in the inbox, end up in the spam folder, or even worse … put aside into that “read later” category only to be quickly forgotten. If you’re going to send an email, be sure to follow-up with a phone call reinforcing the initial contact.
  • Don’t forget your chapter supporters and sponsors! That is, those organizations and/or individuals that may not serve in volunteer positions
    but show support in other ways (i.e., sponsorships, advisory roles, etc.) Let them know you are fully aware of and very appreciative of their support.
  • Finally, are you done with your board duties? Don’t just
    leave. Recruit a new board member and/or volunteer. Share your experience with someone that you
    think would be a good fit. Make sure the next board is as awesome as the one you’re leaving.

What’s on your list?