#Throwback Thursday!

time for #ThrowbackThursday! And in the spirit of that classic A Christmas Carol, here are some “Posts
of New Year’s Resolutions Past”  

I resolve to … – Tired of not making it past March for those resolutions?
Here are a few alternative ways to tackle this annual ritual.

New Year’s Resolution Time! –  Another post on making resolutions work for
you. Don’t focus on what you didn’t accomplish, but rather on what you did and
find ways to continue to build on these successes.

A New Year’s Resolution… – Do you make the “Oh, by the way, you also have
to…” announcement to your volunteers? Here’s a quick lesson the frustrations of
such announcements from the view of a college student.

5 Questions for the New Year –  How can we change our questions to deepen our
conversations in associations. Here are 5 questions focused on volunteering, member engagement and chapters that you should be asking. And no, we don’t give any answers. 

My New Year’s List – with a little help from friends
– In this post, Peggy had more fun reading other people’s thoughts on New Year’s resolutions and found
some real gems.

a really oldie but goodie from 2008 …

A New Year’s Resolution: Thanking Volunteers
A working list on some creative ways to show your volunteers how much you
appreciate them.

*Be sure to check out the New York Public Library podcast of A Christmas Carol as read by author Neil Gaiman. Now there’s a gem.