Chapter Awards Can Motivate

In May, my friend and I did our annual triathlon. As I checked the stats upon crossing the finish line, it looked like I was just one of many. Then I heard my name called out as a winner in my age group. I was elated. It’s awesome to run the race and finish. It’s even better to walk away with an award.

Our chapters feel the same way. I know because I was a chapter leader and wanted to have our group in the spotlight. I’ve also managed chapters and remember fondly when our chapter won the Star award. However too many chapter awards programs leave chapters feeling like the deck is stacked against them. And just as importantly, they feel somehow disconnected to what’s important. Let’s change that. Read “Transform your Chapter Awards” for cool ideas and more. Read to find out about 3 unconventional awards programs:

  • Goal-Oriented Approach — celebrate how chapters move the mission
  • Case Study Approach — invite chapters to solve problems
  • Fail Fest Approach — reward risk

How have you made your chapter awards programs motivation?