How one association proved their Chapter ROI

Do the dollars and time spent supporting chapters drive measurable, bottom-line value? That is a question we hear frequently. Almost as frequently we hear the response “I don’t know”. There is a way to answer that question. It will take data mining and some time spent fitting data into a puzzle. For one association, this exercise netted a surprise and led to a decision to boost support for chapters. That association is GBTA – Global Business Travel Association. As Patrick Alyger shared: “It was an eye-opening exercise for us at GBTA. I’m not going to lie – I was terrified to run this exercise. I was afraid numbers would come back show we are spending and investing all these dollars and getting a 0 return.” Instead, the numbers highlighted the value at chapters were indeed an effective distribution channel, advocacy channel and member engagement tool. The value of member engagement alone was $1.5 million.

Check out this Chapters: Are They Worth the Effort webinar with Peter Houstle and Patrick as they share the GBTA story, a look at the value of knowing the ROI and an ROI tool. read Peter’s posts on Chapters: A defensible ROI and Chapters: Are the worth the cost? for a deeper look.