Where Virtual meets F2F: Chapter Workshop

Does any of this sound familiar to your organization?

  • Your chapters are struggling to get people to attend in-person meetings, so they want to start webinars and are begging to let you use national webinars.
  • Times have changed and so have the number of functioning chapters so that a growing number of members don’t have a local chapter which is touted as part of the membership value. Now the Board wants a virtual chapter option rather than changing the members model.
  • You have a growing online community and now the Chapter Committee says they want to give each chapter their own group and establish a virtual chapter. Your job is to figure out how to not cannibalize the main community.
  • There is a critical legislative issue brewing in state capitals including a number where you don’t have an active chapter or state group. You need to build a community of local members without all the trappings of chapter.
  • The Board of Directors wants to have an impact in every state and a few key locations globally but is unable to define the ‘how’, ‘what’ or ‘when’ – at least not beyond considering a traditional chapter.
  • You are convinced that members do want to nurture local connections but chapters don’t seem to be their go-to option and younger members all say they connect virtually to meet locally. You just aren’t sure how to make this happen.


From our conversations with associations over the past 18 months, we’ve heard it all. So, let’s all gather for a half day workshop focused on decoding and developing virtual chapter models for associations.

This one-day workshop covers:
  • What is a virtual chapter and what does it serve?
  • How to determine if a virtual chapter can work for you.
  • Virtual Chapter models.
  • What supports are needed: volunteers, staff, technology, funding.
Who should attend?
  • Chapter Relationship Professionals
  • Membership
  • Community Engagement/Online Community Staff
  • Anyone with chapter responsibility


Two Dates! April 22 in Washington, DC and April 25 in Chicago, IL. This workshop has been built on combined 30+ years of working with chapters and member communities, including research on chapter effectiveness. Good news, the workshop is approved for CAE Credits. Register and learn more at Virtual Chapters & Online Communities: Should We or Shouldn’t We.

Cost is $79; bring 3 or more staff and save $9 on each registration.