Chapter Chat: How A CRP Helped Turn Around A 15-Year Membership Decline


With more than 1,500 clubs and 185,000 members, a membership drop of 2% year over year for 15 consecutive years can really impact your bottom line, leaving you with a crisis on your hands. Rick Rangel, Director of Growth at the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) had chapters that were drowning. NCGA was at a crossroads. They’d been doing the same thing over and over again with their clubs and expecting different results. Rick realized they weren’t giving their chapter leaders the tools they needed to be successful.

  • Club officers found one-off tools on their own, and their data did not automatically flow up to HQ.
  • Onboarding processes and value propositions differed from club to club.
  • Chapter websites were a huge pain and branding issues were rampant.
  • On average, club officers easily put in 40 hours every quarter, volunteering their time and energy, so burnout happened often.

Sound familiar? From off-brand chapter websites to AWOL officers, Rick shares his chapters-in-crisis experience. Tune in to find out what tools, tips, and tricks he used to prevent major mayhem. Under Rick’s helm, NCGA has been able to correct course, now seeing 6% membership growth year over year since 2016. Regardless of your components’ structure, you’ll benefit from the CRP advice we share in this webinar.

A huge thank you to Rick and memberplanet for sponsoring this webinar!

Part of our ongoing webinar series in partnership with Billhighway.