Leading Across the Miles

Increasingly our volunteer teams are spread across town, across the
state, across the country and even over country borders. It’s tough
enough to lead a group of volunteers, but when you’re leading via phone
and web, its downright messy.

Last week, I had the opportunity to lead a webinar for chapter leaders on this very topic. Check out the slide deck.

I shared that the more time I spend on and leading distributed teams, the more I’ve come to value the curious leader. Why? Well, the curious leader is the one who

  • Asks great open-ended questions – imperative to getting to know to each other especially when that process is interrupted by miles and time and has limited face-to-face connection.
  • Seeks out new ways – so they aren’t reticent as trying new technologies to improve team collaboration and communication.
  • Absorbs other’s enthusiasm – being open to the energy of others generally builds the energy for the whole group.
  • Expects things to be fun – and actually find fun in challenges.
  • Creates inviting group activities – exploration is a natural driven for a curious leader.

So, maybe the most important thing any distributed team leader can do is build nurture their power of curiousity. Are you curious?