Marking 18 years of supporting Associations

We opened Mariner at the start of 2002. It was a bold new year’s resolution. We set out to build a business that catered to association chapters and their volunteers. Offering management services and project help, we launched into a new business and new year.

It’s another new year – 18 fabulous years later. Our bold new year’s resolution is to reimagine chapters, volunteer programs and learning opportunities for association professionals working with chapters and volunteers. We’re going to do that in part through these exciting programs:

2020 Component Exchange – coming in October, it’s the premier event for association pros working with chapters brought to you by Mariner and Billhighway. This year, we’re super excited to include Event Garde as a conference partner!

Monthly Billhighway/Mariner webinar series – the first one is January 16. Watch for some new takes on these webinars including one in conjunction with Matchbox Virtual Media.

Volunteer Staff Training – we’re expanding our staff training to provide new ways for association staff to hone skills and boost knowledge around working effectively with volunteers.

Component Volunteer Training – we’re expanding our volunteer training with more webinar and virtual training options so you can build your volunteer acumen.

How can we help you have a fabulous 2020!