On-demand Learning for CRPs

A Year in Webinars! This past year, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing knowledge, ideas and resources through the Billhighway-Mariner webinar series, through Association Trends and via dozens of association member webinars. Many of these webinars are available on-demand. Those we’ve done with Billhighway are yours free!

New Year, New Ideas: Start a New Conversation about Chapters. We share 10 ideas on how to rethink or re-engage or optimize your chapter programs. The ideas are still relevant as we turn the calendar over. And, many apply to non-geographic components too. [Mariner/Billhighway; Free access]

Chapter Love: Collaborating at all Levels. We shared simple ways you can show your chapters some love and help address the often contentious National-chapter relationship woes. [Mariner/Billhighway; Free access]

March Madness: Ask a Chapter Expert. Our experts included Chapter Executive Director Peter Houstle, Chapter Techie Mark Prevost, Chapter Leader (volunteer!) Ed Bodensiek and Association CEO Amy Burke.  [Mariner/Billhighway; Free access]

Virtual Chapters: Should We? There are lots of questions when it comes to virtual chapters and we talked with associations for pros and cons plus how to make the decision. [Mariner/Billhighway; Free access]

Tracking Chapter Effectiveness: Creating Powerful Dashboards. We share tools and tips for creating benchmarking dashboards – including examples from associations – that give input to your chapters and staff. [Mariner/Billhighway; Free access]

Leverage Chapters to Grow and Engage Members. Believe it or not – chapters can play a key role in membership and revenue growth for your association. Let’s explore how. [Mariner/Billhighway; Free access]

CEX 1st Timers Attendee Video. We captured how to get the most out of a conference. Why watch now? Maybe you are headed to a conference and want some food for thought for optimizing your learning. Maybe you want to create a video for your upcoming Chapter Leaders conference.

Volunteer Management Best Practices: Top Strategies for Finding Volunteers & Maintaining Accountability. Member volunteers are key to your association success.  But today’s associations and nonprofits are struggling to engage their members. How can you keep your own program relevant and robust? [Mariner/Billhighway; Free access]

Why Chapters and CRPs Matter. A look at CEX19 and more.

Adding Snap, Crackle and Pop to Chapter Events. We delve into the mystery of why chapter members aren’t attending events and share a few ideas to solve it. [Mariner/Billhighway; Free access]

Sharpening Your Sword & Making the C-Suite Connection. This webinar captures the sage advice of 3 CRPs in our 2018 CEXy Talks.

We have a series of webinars designed for chapter and association volunteers that we customize for your association. Topics range from volunteerism to member engagement to leadership skills. Ask about the option.

And join us for the first webinar of 2020 on January 16 when we’ll dive into the 2019 Benchmarking Study – just in time for your 2020 planning. Check back for registration link or contact us.