Setting Chapters Up for Change

For many the new year brings new resolutions most of which are about change. While we focus on the need to change, we sometimes skip over setting ourselves up for change. This can be doubly so when we look at change in our associations and in our chapters. This is perhaps why Gene Hammett’s blog post caught my eye.

In his post, he promised change could come without making new year resolutions. Instead, its about setting ourselves up for change. He curated the lessons from five leaders. One in particular seems right for chapters leaders: use your pictures from the old year to set a path forward for the new one. The lesson comes from Ryan Avery, a World Champion of Public Speaking. Here’s his lesson:

“Ryan and his wife discuss their favorite photos for the previous year and reflect on what was meaningful to them. Then, they see what photos are missing that they want to capture this year. ‘Our ritual allows us to dream together and think of our future while also appreciating the past.’” 

Imagine if we asked our chapter leaders to gather around a photo album (surely, they have a Facebook group or a photo gallery on their website) from their 2019 year. Reflect on the variety or lack of. Note what events or activities aren’t pictured and why not. Ask who’s missing in the pictures. Then list the pictures that are missing. Then converse around what do we need to do differently to capture those pictures.

Check out the other 4 lessons. How can we set ourselves – and our chapters – up for change? The one thing we can count on for 2020 is change.