Twas the Night after Christmas – 2017 Idea Search

Twas the night after Christmas and all thro’ the office not a creature was stirring, not even a virtual log-in … so brings me to blog? The freedom to not do a single item on my to-do, no calls to members, volunteers, leaders or clients, no frantic deadlines to meet. Rather, a chance once again to pause and consider once again what new ideas I
might try in 2017. Here’s my day after list of quick links:

In 2017, Take Control of Your Technology (its gonna be tough …)

Best Video Conferencing Software of 2016 (some surprizes here, some new ideas too)

The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership (just looking for good insight)

How to get people to say yes to what you want according to science (anything that can help get the yes)

5 Tips for a More Successful 2017 (hmmm, need to have a “lessons learned” meeting)

Women Lawyer Groups Form Board-to-Board Mentoring Partnership (new member service idea?) 

Association Networking Group of Metro DC group and event calendar (marking my calendar now)

Top Association Management Experts’ Predictions for 2017 (amen Deirdre Reid – new partnerships need to reign)

ASAE ExecConnect conversation starters [ASAE Membership required] to
facilitate great conversations with peer groups.  The Executive Management Council (EMC) created these conversation starters (available free to ASAE Members) as a way for leaders to gather and discuss issue relevant to association leadership. Topics range from forming a peer group to new membership models to IT issues to strategic alliances (full disclosure – I helped write this one as part of the initial EMC which prepped these).  

The Future of Association Technology (ASAE Foundation study – free for members) 

What Kevin Bacon Can Teach Us About Membership Engagement (that’s right 6 degrees of member engagement)

More ideas from my search …

Idea #1: Active

Idea #2: Member Year In Review

Idea #3: Chapter
Mash-up for Young Pros

Idea #4: Shift
the Board’s Conversation

Idea #5: Out:
Resolutions, In: Questolutions