Volunteering Myth Revisited, Volunteering Truths Revealed

From the new Mariner white paper written with Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE …

ASAE’s The Decision To Volunteer provided the association world with the first ever serious research study into association volunteering and, in doing so, struck down a number of myths that have hampered effective volunteer management.

Myth #1: Association volunteers are largely self-serving. People only volunteer to meet their own needs, e.g., to improve their professional skills or standing, to build a resume, or to garner professional acceptance.

Truth #1: The top four reasons given for volunteering for an association are all outward-facing, beginning with “I feel it is important to help others” and “I can do something for the profession or cause that is important.” In other words, volunteering is mission-driven. The Decision To Volunteer described this as pro-social volunteering: “because volunteer motivations are mixed, volunteerism is best viewed as a pro-social rather than a self-sacrificial activity – it benefits others but does not restrict the volunteer’s own possible benefits.” (source: The Decision To Volunteer)

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