5 Game-Changing Fixes To Help Increase Non-Dues Revenue

It’s not about more companies, not about more customers, vendors, suppliers.
It’s about more champions.

Unlocking the potential for robust non-dues revenue growth means finding ways to ensure your association and its chapters appeal to the right sponsors/exhibitors/advertisers. Unfortunately, many chapters, and even some associations, discourage potential partners with confusing website navigation, unclear collateral, and ineffective messaging. So how can we empower our chapters to overcome these obstacles?

For answers, we looked to Carrie McIntyer, founder & principal of Navigate, for some ideas on how we can help our chapters … and ourselves! …  recruit potential S/E/A.

Listen in to this interactive and engaging session where Carrie showed us simple yet impactful changes we can make. Check out a brief recap below:

Five Revenue Game Changers:

Game Changer #1: A primarily transactional approach may seem simpler and more efficient, but it can actually be more work for less revenue.

Shift your approach from making things just transactional to focusing on creating “champions” who not only support you but also rave about their experience. Give them the information they need but be more consultative in your approach. A quick sale is nice; having someone champion your association/chapter is better.

Game Changer #2: Create a compelling and easy-to-find landing page specifically for S/E/A prospects. Include WHY they should invest with you and WHAT TYPES of engagement you offer.

The main reason people do or don’t buy is the buying experience, and your landing page is often their first, maybe the second, experience they will have with you. Instead of making it all about the product, give them a sense of why they should invest in you, i.e., who your members are, what types of engagements they can expect, etc. And above all, make it easy to find the information they need to make that final decision.

Game Changer #3: If prospects don’t think they need you, your products, prices and deadlines don’t matter. Create separate messaging for prospects vs. existing customers.

Forget the sales pitch—focus on solving their problems. Find out what they need to improve their business. Get to know them, their challenges, and what they’re after. They don’t care what you need; it’s about what they need. If a prospect is not sold on what you offer yet, start with things that might pique their interest about how you can help them grow their business.

Game Changer #4: Talk to more of your new prospects. Listening → understanding & trust → better recommendations → better outcomes → more revenue.

Use that initial interest in a product (an ad or exhibit space) as a chance to get to know them better. Set up a time to find out who they are and what they’re all about. Don’t rush it; embrace the chance to understand and collaborate. Make them feel heard and respected. Tip: You don’t have to talk to every prospect … just those that are the most relevant to you.

Game Changer #5: Prioritize S/E/A feedback to gather more testimonials. Ask members if S/E/A engagement and support influences their purchasing decisions.

Survey your S/E/A to see what did or didn’t work and what could make it better. Have a conversation with them. Then ask your members if they tend to engage more with companies that support your association, and if that connection makes a difference to their purchasing decisions. These two stats can be an incredibly compelling way to retain current and recruit future champions.

In the end, it’s all about engaging in meaningful conversations, building trust, and showcasing your value beyond products and prices.