Empowering Chapters through Transformation

A Billhighway Case Study

Billhighway recently released a case study, Transforming Volunteer Leadership: How RIMS & Billhighway Empower Chapters, which provides an exciting glimpse into what an association can do when it has the will. The case study details how the Risk Management Association (RIMS), recognizing the vital role their chapters play in delivering value to its members and the obstacles standing in the way, worked with Billhighway to create a cohesive system that brings HQ and chapters together as partners in delivering value to their members.

The problem with the current system included…

  • Siloed systems (i.e., finance/banking programs, event registration platforms, databases, websites, etc.) that created an inefficient and scattered – and often more expensive – structure.
  • Too much time and energy spent on burdensome administrative tasks, and less time on delivering value to the members – which in turn shows up as more disengaged members, lower member recruitment and retention, and struggles with leadership succession.
  • Situations of fraud (unintentional and intentional) caused by missing SOPs and simply inexperience in financial and data expertise.
  • A dearth of reliable and critical information for both HQ and the chapter about member engagement.

In a nutshell, chapter leaders and volunteers are overburdened with administrative tasks leaving little room or energy to focus on the mission and the members.

The solution was to streamline administrative tasks and data-gathering relieving chapter leaders/volunteers of administrative burdens. When fully implemented, pluses will include…

  • Automated administrative tasks system and real-time data collection on member engagement and more.
  • Less time spent on administrative and financial tasks with more focus on serving the members and supporting HQ.
  • Standard operating procedures to safeguard against fraud risks.
  • Greater insights into member engagement and chapter performance.

Read more and download the case study.

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