Finding Micro-Volunteering Jobs to Offer

Providing Micro-volunteering options is more than nice, its a critical if you want to build your organization’s volunteer muscle, scout new talent and engage the busy boomer, the elusive Xer and the expressive millennial. Let’s say you get that you get it (if not, read A Checklist for an Energetic Volunteer Workforce), but you’re not sure how to “do” it. Here’s one approach based on a chapter or component key volunteer job.

1 – Begin with a Traditional Volunteer Role …

Position Title:  Newsletter Editor

Goal(s): Produce 6 bi-monthly online newsletters (6-8 short articles each) between April 1, 2009 and March 30, 2010. Articles to include standard items such as president’s letter, calendar of events, new member list, member spotlight, event promos and re-caps, etc. as well as features on current issues.


2 – Identify the unique tasks associated with accomplishing the goals of the role.

Tasks: Express in unique tasks or steps that are required for completion.

  • Develop editorial calendar
  • Produce editorial content (e.g., articles and related photos/images)
  • Preparation for production using e-letter software
  • Final proofing and review
  • Distribute (using software; requires updating distribution list as needed)
  • Post e-letter on website
  • Analyze and report engagement via opens, click-thrus, etc.


3 – Translate tasks into jobs with brief position descriptions (and spell out rewards).

Copywriters (Per Event/Activity)

Job Request: 150-200 word re-cap of event, interview member by phone (pre-defined script), 200-300 word description of current issue, etc. by [insert date – leave time for procrastination]

Labor Pool: students / young professionals seeking certification / knowledgeable vendors / etc.

Photographers (Per Event/Activity)

Job Request: 10-15 photos of event, activity by [insert date – leave time for procrastination]

Labor Pool: amateur photographers (check their website)

Designer (6 times for the year)

Job Request: prepare template or format by [insert date based on production schedule]; circulate for proofing & finalize

Labor Pool: if you’re using a product like Constant Contact, MyEmma, iContact, etc., a member with typical word processing skills

Distributor (6 times for the year)

Job Request: Prepare data file & distribute newsletter by [insert date], follow-up on bouncebacks by [insert date]

Labor Pool: Depending on software being used, this job will vary; need a member who is detailed-oriented and familiar with basic email programs

Reward: Each receives attribution in newsletter, thank you from newsletter editor & chapter officer and registration discount.

You can deconstruct most any large position by tasks or skills required. By using this approach, you are actually avoiding the trap of developing “make-work” ad-hoc jobs. Want more on micro jobs? Check out You Say Ad Hoc, I Say Micro.

What jobs can you deconstruct?