Fully Developing Your Volunteer Workforce

#FSAE17 is the first of 3 stops this summer to share what we discovered in the ASAE Foundation research on optimizing association volunteerism through mutually beneficial programs. Kevin Whorton and I will be highlighting results like these six satisfaction drivers and talking about some successful association strategies and programs.

What drove volunteer satisfaction?

  • quality of staff who serve as liaison/coordinators of their activity
  • receptivity of staff to give their input appropriate consideration
  • the quality of orientation/introduction
  • quality of their volunteer leadership
  • ability to debate/discuss< issues
  • time and timing matter—convenience and a reasonable commitment required, but fundamentally, volunteer
    management principles closely resembles HR principles.

Check out the slide deck, download the handout and come to the session at FSAE on Thursday, July 13 at 3:45pm ET. We’ll also be leading a webinar for Association Forum on July 26, 11am CT – How To Develop Your Volunteer Workforce. We’ll wrap up the tour at #ASAE17 with a Monday 8/14 4pm session Using the MBVR Index to Leverage Your Free Labor.